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KIHASA Alumni Association: Homecoming Day and General Assembly

  • Date 2023-11-14
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On November 10, KIHASA hosted a Homcoming Day and a General Assembly of its Alumni Association at the Grand Conference Hall of the Korea Institute of Public Administration, whose premises used to be occupied by KIHASA from 1982 to 2014, when it relocated to Sejong City. The event was hosted by the incumbent KIHASA management, including President Lee Taesoo, and attended by Choi Byung-ho, the 22nd President, Park Soon-il, the 18th President, Kim Mi-gon, former Vice President, and Lee Sang-young, former Director of Research Planning and Coordination. They had a time of fellowship and harmony, reflecting on KIHASA's growth and success in becoming regarded as the premier name in social policy research, and sharing insights on KIHASA's future development.