Overseas Korean Scholars Invitation Seminar: Global Health & Welfare Trends and Outlook in the Era of Endemic COVID

  • Date : 07/20/2023 16:00 ~ 07/20/2023 19:00
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Overseas Korean Scholars Invitation Seminar

Global Health & Welfare Trends and Outlook in the Era of Endemic COVID

Sejong Hall, KIHASA & Zoom

4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, Thursday, July 20, 2023


KIHASA is holding a seminar to celebrate its 53rd anniversary under the theme "Global Health & Welfare Trends and Outlook in the Era of Endemic COVID," inviting overseas Korean scholars in the field of social policy studies including health and welfare.

Korea's social policy deserves praise for its rapid development, but it is not quite in harmony with the economic system. Nor has it handled social demand well enough to prevent social problems or provide correct solutions. Moreover, it is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted more than 3 years and requires humanity to undergo a Copernican revolution in all respects, poses a great challenge to Korea's social policy.

In this regard, it is a very opportune occasion to bring together scholars working in countries in Eruope, North America, and Asia who still have a strong concern for Korean society and to discuss with them what policy changes each of these countries is pursuing as the world moves from pandemic to endemic COVID and what implications such changes have for Korea.

I hope that this seminar will be a venue for the exchange of the scholarly concerns and achievements of overseas Korean scholars and grow into a larger network. I promise that KIHASA will continue to be commmited to this endeavor. We would appreciate the participation and encouragement of social policy scholars at home and abroad.

July 2023

Lee Tae-soo, President


MC: Shin Young-kyu, Associate Research Fellow

16:00-16:10 Opening Ceremony

Opening Remarks by Lee Tae-soo, KIHASA President

Congratulatory Remarks by Jung Hae-Gu, NRC Korea Chairperson; Hong Young-pyo, President, Korean American Social Work Educators Association; and Jang Ji-yeon, President, Korean Association of Social Policy

16:10-16:45 Session I: Health Policy Trends and Outlook

Moderator: Kang Hee-chung, Health Care Polcy Research Director, KIHASA

Presentation: "Trends in US Healthcare Policy after the Pandemic," Ahn Sang-nam, Professor, Saint Louis University, US

Discussion: Kang Hee-chung; Kim Sung-wook, Professor, Oxford University, UK; and Heo Nah-young, Professor, Shanghai University, China

Q & A

16:45-17:20 Session II: Labor Market and Income Policy: Trends and Outlook

Moderator: Kim Ki-tae, Center for Welfare State Research, KIHASA

Presentation: "Labor Market Challenges and Employment Policy Changes in Japan after the Corona Crisis," Ahn Joo-young, Professor, Ryukoku University, Japan

Discussion: Kim Ki-tae; Nam Yoon-joo, Professor, Buffalo University, US; and Seo Hyo-jin, Ph.D., KU Leuven

Q & A

17:20-18:00 Session III: Care Policy Trends and Outlook

Moderator: Oh Wook-chan, Social Services Policy Research Director, KIHASA

Presentation 1: "Changes and Trends in US Care Policy after the COVID-19 Crisis," Lee Hee-soon, Professor, Bowling Green State University, US

Presentation 2: "What Have Changes in the UK Care Policy after COVID-19?: Focused on Child Care and Adult Care Policies," Lee Sung-hee, Professor, University of Derby, UK

Discussion: Oh Wook-chan & Kim Won-kyung, Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan

Q & A

18:00-18:20 Break

18:20-19:00 Roundtable and Q & A Session

Topic: New Normal and Global Health & Welfare in the Era of Endemics

Moderator: Kang Hye-kyu, Vice President, KIHASA

Panel: Cho Young-joon, Professor, Yonsei University; Jang Ji-yeon; Jung Hee-jeong, Professor, kent University, UK; Kim Myung-joong, Senior Researcher, NLI Research Institute; Hong Young-pyo


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